ArmedAngles is a German sustainable brand that focusses on producing with high quality eco materials. They only use organic products like organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool and recycled polyester. They don't follow the latest trends, but they focus on modern, contemporary collections.


Kings of Indigo is a Dutch sustainable denim brand who focus on high quality materials, the minimalistic beauty of pure, Japanese denim and the tough characteristics of the classic, American blue jeans.


Kuyichi is a dutch sustainable denim brand. They make denim out of 100% organic cotton and recycled material.


Labeledby is a research and technological development studio, based in the Netherlands. Through technology they develop new fabrics and designs that are personal and sustainably made for you.


Maium is a rainwear brand based in Amsterdam. The rain gear is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is ready-to-wear clothing with a

timeless design.


Matt & Nat stands for MAT(T)ERIAL and NATURE and was founded in Montreal. 

Matt & Nat is a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brand that makes it's clothes from recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, cork and linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles


MUD jeans is a dutch sustainable jeans brand. In 2013, MUD Jeans launched the innovative Lease A Jeans system with free reparing service. After a year you can choose to keep the jeans, send it back or swap for a new pair. 


Nudie Jeans is sustainable fashion brand from Sweden who started with jeans but expanded to other clothing. Made with 100% organic cotton. They have a repair service and they take back old jeans to recycle them into new.


Outdoor voices is a sustainable sports and outdoor brand from America. They produce their sportswear from recycled and organic material and they also support fair and safe workplaces for their employees.


Patagonia started as a small mounten climbing and surf shop in California. Nowadays it is a worldwide known sustainable brand that sells all sorts of clothing, sports and outdoor gear.

Their products are made of organic and recycled material.


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Pinqponq is a sustainably minded, innovative label from Cologne, Germany. They use fabrics with a recycled PET bottle content of 100%. They recycle the bottles and make them into long fibres and spun into thread. 


Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand for women. They have build their own sustainable factory in Los Angles and they try to produce for at least 75% products made from plant based fibres and recycled fibres.


Rhumaa is a dutch sustainable brand. They work together with talented artists from Africa to give them a platform where they can showcase their talent. In this way they create new jobs in South Africa. They only use organic fibres from high quality for their clothing and all of the fabrics that are leftover are used to make new products.


Uniforms for the Dedicated is a mens fashion brand from Sweden. Their products are only made of organic, recycled, and bio-based materials. The uniforms have streetwear influences, including influences from army, sports, and function.


Unravelau is an up-and-coming Dutch sustainable clothing brand. They only produce high-end clothing with a low ecological footprint.


Unrecorded is a Dutch sustainable fashion brand that that sells organic basics of the highest quality. They sell directly to the consumer in this way they avoid traditional retail mark-ups and pass the savings on to the customer.


Unrobe is a dutch sustainable fashion brand that dresses people by undressing the industry. They only produce clothing made by organic fabrics and they show you every step in the process and the costs involved. They bring back transparency to the industry.


Veja is a french sustainable sneaker brand that produces sneakers from only organic materials.