Kizu is a brand that consists of an online platform, a clothing line and a movement that focuses on sustainable and positive handling of fashion. We want to show that sustainable fashion is super cool and that a lot is already possible in this area. Re-use and revaluation of clothing is central within our brand concept.

But who are we?

Kizu was founded by Nina Law and Nandi Dmyszewicz, two students from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Nandi has studied Product Design and Nina Lifestyle Transformation Design. Both of us have always had an enormous love of fashion, but over the years we have discovered that the fashion industry does not fit the perfect picture we always had in our minds when we were small. The major impact of the fast fashion industry on our world clashed with our love of fashion.


We think it is important not to close our eyes to the fact that 238 million kilos of clothing are thrown away every year in The Netherlands. Landfills are growing-and-growing with horrible effects on our planet. That is why we started our sustainable fashion adventure. We decided that we wanted to be a part of this revolution that is rising up.


That was the moment we started our graduation project. We wanted to bring about change, no matter how big or small that would be. During our research we found out that we as humans cannot deal with a problem if there is no ready-made solution. All those negative messages about the fast fashion industry and all those hopeless calls to consume differently cause our brains to block.


People know the consequences, but they don’t know how- and where to start. This is why we, with Kizu, want to bring you positive energy and motivation. Instead of imposing change, we want to show the positive side and also the possibilities. We do this by providing tips and tricks on our platform for you to reconsider your fashion choices, giving examples of cool fashion brands that are already being sustainable and by showing you how we make new clothing taking them from worthless to valuable.

Nobody does everything right, all at once. Change needs time, attention and motivation. Every little bit helps. Above all, never think that you as an individual cannot make a difference, because all the small drops of rain together form a sea of water and without those drops that sea would not exist.

We hope that Kizu can become one really big ocean of people who inspire each other with waves of sustainability, and make fashion great again!